10 Unique Ways to Add Shiplap To Your Bathroom

Say what you will about shiplap, but I feel like it’s not only timeless, but can fit perfectly into any design style.

Modern, farmhouse, coastal, traditional – you name it! I think it can really work anywhere and is a perfect way to add some texture and warmth to your space.

Today, I wanted to share with you some ideas for adding it to your bathroom as well!

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Rustic Charm

large soaking tub in bathroom with white shiplap on walls

Create a cozy, rustic feel in your bathroom with natural wood shiplap – and you can choose to leave it wood, or paint it white!

The warm tones and textured surface of the wood add a touch of countryside charm.

Pair it with stone or copper accents for an even more rustic vibe.

Shiplap Half Wall

soaking tub and basket of towels with shiplap on the walls in the bathroom

For a subtle yet impactful look, consider installing shiplap either on just the top or the bottom half of the wall.

This technique adds interest without overwhelming the space and works well with both traditional and modern designs, further proving the fact this really can work in all design styles!

Elegant Shiplap with Gold Accents

bathroom vanity with 2 gold mirrors and sconces in between them with shiplap on the bathroom walls

Elevate your bathroom’s look by combining white shiplap walls with gold fixtures and accessories.

I love the look of gold fixtures anyway, but the contrast between the bright shiplap and those gold fixtures creates a sophisticated atmosphere.

Painted Shiplap

shiplap painted black behind a white soaker tub in the bathroom

Add a splash of color to your bathroom by painting the shiplap.

Whether you choose a soft pastel or a bold color like black or navy, painted shiplap can personalize your space and tie in other design elements of your choice.

Shiplap Accent Wall

small feature wall in bathroom with black painted shiplap

Make a statement with a shiplap accent wall around your vanity or bathtub.

This focal point can serve as a perfect backdrop for mirrors, lights, and other decorative items.

Minimalist Coastal Vibes

shiplap walls in bathroom behind 2 mirrors at vanity

For a clean, minimalist look, opt for all-white shiplap.

Add in the wood accents and you’ve got a great recipe for a coastal shiplap feel.

Pair with white towels and washcloths for a cohesive look.

Shiplap Ceiling

shiplap on bathroom walls with glass shower painted white

Don’t forget the ceiling!

Shiplap on the ceiling adds an unexpected element of design and can make the room feel taller and more spacious.

This works especially well in bathrooms with high ceilings or with a good bit of natural light from a window.

Modern Mixed Metals

shiplap walls behind 2 black mirrors over a double bathroom vanity

Integrate shiplap with mixed metal finishes for a modern twist.

Combining materials like gold, black, and stainless steel with your shiplap walls creates a unique and contemporary look.

Shiplap Around Windows

large white soaking tub under a window with shiplap on the walls

Don’t let a window stop you from having shiplap in your bathroom!

Having shiplap around your window is a great technique that draws attention to natural light sources and adds architectural interest to the space.

Mix Shiplap with A Unique Tile Niche

shiplap in bathroom over vanity

Combine shiplap with a tiled niche for a functional, yet stylish feature.

This mix of textures not only adds a little pizazz but also provides practical storage for toiletries and decor.

Incorporating shiplap into your bathroom is an excellent way to add character and style. Whether you’re going for rustic charm or modern elegance, these ideas can help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

Decor For Your Bathroom With Shiplap

Also, if you’re looking for decor to complement your bathroom with shiplap, I’ve hand-curated a beautiful round-up of pieces that will tie in seamlessly with this natural, organic look! Everything is from Amazon too – so as a bonus, most pieces include free Prime shipping!


decor ideas from Amazon for a bathroom with shiplap

Happy decorating!


10 Unique Ways to Add Shiplap To Your Bathroom

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