Transform Your Porch: 12 Coastal Design Tips for a Summer Oasis

Summer time is right around the corner and, I might be biased, but there is NO better place to be than at the beach!

But even if you’re home isn’t directly on the coast, you can still bring that same feel to your summer front porch and I’m here to show you how!

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Summer Swing

wooden swing on a coastal front porch in the summer daytime

Can you imagine swinging on this with the ocean breeze in your hair? This simple and classic porch addition is perfect for those lazy summer days.

You can choose a traditional wooden bench swing or opt for a cozy hanging chair swing, with colorful cushions for added comfort.

Layer Pretty Outdoor Rugs

coastal front porch with coffee table and conversational furniture set

Layering outdoor rugs brings comfort and style to your porch. Go for rugs with simple patterns or soft, muted colors. This will up the cozy factor while adding style on your front porch.

Add a Hammock

woven hammock on coastal front porch with pillows

Okay, if I didn’t sell you enough with a swing, what about a hammock? Can we say long relaxing days reading a book on your beachy front porch? Yes, please!

Choose a hammock in a soft fabric and add some decorative pillows for extra comfort.

Add Minimal Nautical Touches

hydrangeas on table and sofa with cushions on a costal front porch with white and blue throw pillows

And by minimal, I really mean it. You don’t have to add lighthouses to everything everywhere (unless that’s your vibe!) You can easily just use the colors and themes as inspiration for your porch decor.

Add some navy and white stripes, a nautical flag or two, and maybe a simple anchor print pillow to tie it all together.

Don’t Leave Out The Smaller Guys

small bench with three throw pillows and a potted palm plant

Small front porch? No problem! You can still add some charm and style with a few simple touches.

Hang a lantern or two, add some potted plants or flowers, and maybe a small table and chairs for a cozy outdoor space to enjoy your morning coffee.

Stick to the Coastal Color Palette

woven sofa on front porch with white cushions and white and blue throw pillows

We’ve talked a lot here about great coastal colors for your home (and even your home exterior!)

When in doubt, think sea and sand – shades of blues, whites, and tans will never steer you wrong. Use these colors for furniture, cushions, and accessories to create a cohesive and calming environment.

Planted Palm Tree

coastal front porch with potted palm tree and woven sofa with white cushions

A potted palm tree can instantly make your porch feel like a tropical paradise. Choose a hardy variety that thrives in outdoor conditions and place it in a decorative pot.

And hey, if you’re not a green thumb, you can find incredible faux plants (like this indoor/outdoor banana leaf palm tree) that look like the real thing and will never die!

Try Pops of Fun Summer Colors

coastal front porch with sofa and pops of colorful flowers

While sticking to a coastal palette is key, don’t be afraid to add pops of vibrant summer colors. That’s the beauty of summer!

Bright yellows, lively corals, and fresh greens can be introduced through cushions, throws, or even flowers to keep your porch feeling lively and welcoming.

String Lights are Never Wrong

string lights strung on the ceiling of a coastal front porch in the summertime at dusk

String lights are a simple yet effective way to create a magical ambiance as the sun sets. Drape them around the railing, across the ceiling, or around plants and furniture to add a warm, inviting glow to your porch.

Enjoy Hydrangeas

planted hydrangeas in the ground in front of a small front porch on a white home

Hydrangeas are quintessential flowers that thrive in the summer heat. Place them in pots or planters around your porch to add bursts of color and natural beauty.

Or if you’re feeling froggy, plant them! They not only look stunning but also add a sweet fragrance to your outdoor space and come back year after year with proper care and maintenance!

Use a Roll Up Shade

front porch with black door and roll up bamboo shade

A roll-up shade can provide much-needed relief from the summer sun while maintaining the airy feel of your coastal porch.

You can also choose a shade made from natural materials like bamboo to enhance the breezy, beachy vibe of your setup.

Gorgeous Door Decor with a Summer Wreath

wood door with gorgeous summer wreath on it

Complete your coastal front porch by adorning your door with a summer wreath. You can purchase a gorgeous faux one to use year after year, or you can get one with fresh leaves and blooms to change it up throughout the season.

With these 12 ideas, your coastal front porch will become the perfect summer hangout. Whether you’re sprucing up your space or just dreaming of the beach, these tips will help you create a cozy and stylish outdoor spot. Yay for summer!


Transform Your Porch: 12 Coastal Design Tips for a Summer Oasis

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