Timeless Teen Beach Bedroom Ideas

If your teen is begging for a beach themed bedroom, here are some classic ways to bring the ocean indoors!

If you have a very special design style for your house in mind, it can be difficult to let go of some of that to let your kiddo have a say in their room.

Teenagers have a mind of their own, but hopefully designing their bedroom can still be a collaborative effort. So I wanted to give you some inspiration for some great, beach-themed teenage bedrooms that you’re sure to love as well!

Beachy Bedroom Ideas for Teens

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Calm Bedding

You may think that a beachy bedroom automatically means bright teals and corals, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.

woven headboard with light wood nightstand and light blue pillow

If your teen doesn’t love color, lean into the serenity of a coastal vibe color palette instead.

boho coastal bedroom with white bedding and wood woven accents

Opt for duvets and coverlets in soft, beachy hues such as creamy whites, tans, or marine blues. Quilts with subtle, sea-inspired patterns like waves or even stripes can add a layer of visual interest, without overwhelming the calming atmosphere. The bedding section of my Amazon storefront has some great options for neutral bedding, most at a very affordable price point!

bedroom with shiplap accent wall and coastal art hanging over the bed

Remember, the bed is the centerpiece of a teen’s bedroom, so make it a welcoming, peaceful haven for them.

Coastal Wall Art

What I love about coastal wall art is that it can even include photos that are taken on a family vacation, which will make the room feel more personalized and special.

built in bunk beds with sailboat art and red and white and blue striped accent pillows

Source or create wall art that captures the essence of the coast, such as seascapes or abstract representations of a seashore.

If you’re artistically inclined, consider DIY options like stenciling waves directly onto the wall, or crafting a mosaic from the broken pieces of beach-found treasures.

two twin beds in room with light blue walls and coastal art on the walls

You can decorate easily with seashells for a DIY feel without actually making something from scratch!

Beachy Decor Accents

This is where a teen truly gets to infuse their room with all the beach decor their heart desires – and sometimes they will want the entire ocean.

This might include a collection of seashells displayed in glass jars, or a nautical map marking their favorite coastal destination.

room with light blue walls and starfish over the bed

Add a pop of whimsy with a decorative surfboard, a model lighthouse, or a vintage ship in a bottle. These pieces not only enhance the theme but can serve as conversation starters or points of personal narrative, making your space uniquely your kiddo’s.

Coastal Lighting Fixtures

I am a sucker for really good coastal light fixtures because they’re usually so gorgeous and versatile.

Lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the mood.

upholstered bed in room with vaulted ceiling with woven light fixture

Introduce fixtures that mimic the mellow, golden glow of a beach sunset. This will be a combination of both the light fixture itself, plus the type of lightbulb you use.

large room with light blue walls and wood accent ceiling with upholstered bed with pink bedding on it

A woven pendant or chandelier lamp can give off a warm, filtered light, while torchieres and floor lamps create the illusion of a sunbeam – even on the grayest days. If you need some additional inspiration, take a look at the lighting section of my Amazon storefront where I’ve saved dozens of my favorites!

String lights can also add a whimsical touch and a little something extra to your teen’s night-time beach room.

Desk with a Comfy Chair

The teenage years are often filled with late nights of homework that weren’t a thing when it comes to younger school days.

For productive days and cozy nights alike, every teen beach bedroom needs a study nook.

bed with white and navy bedding and wood desk and navy chair

You don’t have to compromise comfort or style – a simple wooden desk and a cushioned, ergonomic chair invites focus and relaxation.

Look for light, airy designs to keep the visual space open, and prioritize comfort during long study sessions.

white bed with white and navy bedding and woven shade with desk in front of it

Bonus points if you position the desk near a window, where they can take periodic inspiration breaks to gaze out at the actual waves.

Wood Furniture

twin woven beds with white and navy bedding with beachy art on the walls

Wood tones are great in beachy bedrooms as it mimics the sandy shores.

Furniture crafted from wood echoes the natural beauty of the beach.

woven headboard with light wood nightstand and light blue pillow

Seek out pieces with exposed grain and a light, weathered finish for a rustic, coastal charm.

Things like wooden bed frames, bookshelves, and dressers can ground the room with an earthy, organic feel that complements and contrasts other beachy elements.

Rugs To Tie It All Together

A coastal area rug in a sandy hue with a soft texture underfoot can connect the other design elements in the room.

two beds with large porthole in between them

Rugs are a great way to warm up a space, both physically and aesthetically, and they can be interchanged for a rug to suit the season or mood.

Accent Pillows

Colorful throw pillows can act as both accent pieces and sources of inspiration. They’re a great inexpensive way to add color and can be changed super easily as tastes or desires change.

white wood bedroom with colorful pillows and floral curtains

For those kiddos who don’t necessarily want their walls or bedding in a bright color, consider using accent pillows to throw pops of color in.

navy upholstered bed with pink fur blanket and accent pillows

Cotton, linen, and even knit fabrics can add layers of interest and make their bedroom feel like a cozy beach cabana. Mix and match for a casual, eclectic look that suggests a comfortable day spent on breezy shores.

Bookshelves and Bedside Tables

Bookshelves and bedside tables provide opportunities to continue the coastal theme.

woven shade on window in bedroom with bed and desk for a teen

Adorn their bookshelves with driftwood bookends, great beach reads, and seashell collections. You could even use a shell as a bowl on their nightstand to put jewelry in at the end of the day.

These little touches will enrich their space and immerse them further into their beach bedroom oasis.

Incorporate any (or all!) of these elements into your teen’s beach bedroom, but don’t forget to allow them to add their own personal touches!

bedroom with a beach view with woven bed and wood ceiling

The ultimate goal is to create a space that makes them feel like they’ve just strolled onto the shore, so be unafraid to weave in their favorite beach memories and stories.

A teen beach bedroom should reflect the spirit of both their own personalities and the beach—carefree, unique, and entirely their own!


Timeless Teen Beach Bedroom IdeasTimeless Teen Beach Bedroom IdeasTimeless Teen Beach Bedroom Ideas

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