Shopping Guide: The Perfect Luggage Rack for Your Bedroom

Elevate Your Bedroom Decor with the Perfect Luggage Rack

I know you may not believe me, but one of the most frequent questions I get in my DMs on Instagram is about a luggage rack!

I feel like it’s one of those things that people don’t really think about until they need one – but once you have it, you realize just how useful and stylish it can be. Especially if you love hosting friends and family.

So I’ve rounded up some of the best luggage racks for your bedroom that will be the perfect addition to your room, a guest room, or even a rental property you have!

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luggage rack with shoes and a pink duffel bag on it
Photo Sources: Luggage Rack | Duffel Bag (rose quartz color) | Sneakers (incredibly comfy & worth the splurge!) | Sandals (also comfy but size up!) | Rug | Upholstered Bed | White Linen Euro Shams | Pillow Cases & Sheets | White Quilt | Waffle Weave Bed Blanket | Artwork

Practical Benefits: Making Life Easier for Frequent Travelers

Ease of Packing and Unpacking

You’ve been there – on a trip and your suitcase is on the floor or bed, with clothes spilling out as you frantically search for that one shirt you want to wear. A luggage rack provides a designated spot for your suitcase, making it easier to pack and unpack without creating a mess.

Protection for Your Luggage

Let’s face it, suitcases can get dirty from being dragged on different surfaces during travel. Placing your suitcase on a luggage rack protects it from getting dirty or damaged, especially if the rack has a fabric or padded top.


For those who struggle with mobility or have back problems, bending down to pack and unpack a suitcase can be challenging. A luggage rack raises the suitcase to a more accessible height which can be helpful to you or guests.

My Favorite Luggage Rack Options

Here are some of my favorite ones that are great for any budget, or any design style

graphic of 9 luggage racks
  1. White with lower shelf
  2. White and khaki
  3. Wood with gray straps
  4. White with blue straps
  5. Rattan
  6. White with blue & purple cabana stripe straps
  7. Black with burlap straps
  8. White with navy straps
  9. Solid white with white straps

Hopefully you were able to find a luggage rack to fit your exact needs! Happy shopping!

Shopping Guide: The Perfect Luggage Rack for Your Bedroom
Shopping Guide: The Perfect Luggage Rack for Your Bedroom

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