Serena & Lily Lighting Looks for Less – All From Amazon!

Hi everyone, I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! I should be decorating the house for fall but I’ve decided to take full advantage of the weather and tackle some yardwork. Speaking of decorating! I’ve had lighting on the brain lately as I’ve been looking to update some fixtures in my own home. Naturally I’d love to order up a bunch of gorgeous chandeliers and pendant lights from Serena & Lily. Dropping several hundred to a few thousand dollars on each light isn’t in the cards though! Ha! Did you know that Amazon of all places has tons of Serena & Lily dupes and looks for less?! They are all at GREAT price points too, so I’m excited to show you what I found!

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Serena & Lily Lighting Dupes

Let’s start with these two “look for less” options that will warm up any space with the touch of gold! The first, is a honeycomb Capiz seashell pendant light. It’s well under $300 and looks so similar to Serena & Lily’s Capiz pendant! The Amazon pendant has a 16″ diameter, which is in between Serena & Lily’s small (10.5″) and medium (22.5″) size pendants. Those two sizes from Serena & Lily are $498 and $898. So the Amazon Capiz pendant provides a great opportunity to save if that sizing works for your space!

I especially love Serena & Lily’s Kentfield chandelier over a dining table or kitchen island but at nearly $1,700 it’s a pricey one! This gold pendant light from Amazon has such a similar look and is well under $500! Not a bad price for such a large, beautiful light! There are of course some subtle differences. The Amazon pendant light is slightly smaller and has five lights vs. Serena & Lily’s six.

Serena & Lily Capiz Pendant Dupe

SOURCES: Amazon Honeycomb Capiz Light / Serena & Lily Capiz Honeycomb Pendant
Amazon Gold Five Light Pendant / Serena & Lily Kentfield Chandelier

OK, next up is a couple of wood beaded beauties! I just installed a white wood bead chandelier in my own bedroom (which I’ll share soon!) and I LOVE how chic it looks! Serena & Lily’s Ventura chandelier is a total showstopper, but at $4,298 it’s one of their priciest lights. I highly recommend that if you love the look of it, you consider this under $200 Kristi 3-light beaded hanging pendant light from Amazon. One, the reviews are great. And two, although it’s quite a bit smaller than the Ventura chandelier, the Kristi beaded pendant from Amazon is likely to be a better fit in an average size room.

I was also able to find a very similar style to Serena & Lily’s Seychelles chandelier on Amazon. Amazon’s Angie Beaded pendant light is the SAME diameter of Serena & Lily’s Seychelles chandelier. It’s also very close in height – and at under $150 it’s quite affordable (especially when compared to Serena & Lily’s $1,198 price tag)!

Serena & Lily Beaded Chandelier dupes

SOURCES: Amazon Kristi 3-light Beaded Hanging Pendant Light / Serena & Lily Ventura Chandelier
Amazon Angie Beaded Pendant Light with Tassels / Serena & Lily Seychelles Chandelier

On to some great Serena & Lily table lamp looks for less! This Amazon Sonter Modern White Table Lamp Set (yes, you get TWO lamps!) is under $115! I can’t get over what a great dupe this set is for Serena & Lily’s $448 Tinsley lamp! They are practically identical in terms of the style! It’s worth noting that the lamp set from Amazon is just a touch smaller than the Tinsley lamp (a half inch shorter and three inches narrower to be exact).

There’s no doubt that Serena & Lily’s Morris Lamp is beautiful. However, if you’re looking for an affordable, neutral lamp I have you covered! This Syra lamp from Amazon has an almost identical shape! Plus, it’s under $100 (with free Prime delivery) vs. the $398 Serena & Lily price tag!

Serena & Lily Lamp Dupes

SOURCES: Amazon Sonter Modern White Lamps (set of two) / Serena & Lily Tinsley Lamp
Amazon Syra Modern Cream Lamp |
Serena & Lily Morris Lamp

When someone mentions Serena & Lily lighting, my mind immediately goes to their signature rattan pendant lights. As you may know, Serena & Lily’s Headlands pendant is offered in several shapes. I found a very similar look to the Headlands Bell Pendant Light. The small size of this rattan pendant light from Amazon is comparable to Serena & Lily’s small Bell Headlands Pendant Light. You should note though that the large size of the Amazon rattan pendant is a few inches narrower and about nine inches shorter. To compare costs, the option from Amazon is about 1/3 of the price of Serena & Lily’s Headlands Pendant.

If you love the simplicity of Serena & Lily’s Brighton Lamp, be sure to check out this aaaahmazing dupe from Amazon! The white Kian Table Lamp from Amazon is three inches narrower than the small size of the Serena & Lily lamp, and only an inch shorter. So very comparable in terms of size! The price difference is significant though! The Amazon lamp is under $100 with free Prime shipping vs. Serena & Lily’s $298 (plus shipping). Which one would you go for?!

OK, one last Serena & Lily dupe on Amazon that I want to share with you all is this great lamp, inspired by Serena & Lily’s Hattie Lamp! If I’m being honest, I actually like the blue glass lamp from Amazon better! The bottom of both lamp bases have a pretty brass detail. They are also similar in color but the Amazon lamp has a slight wave detail as opposed to Serena & Lily’s speckling.

Serena & Lily Lighting Dupes from Amazon

SOURCES: Amazon Rattan Pendant Light / Serena & Lily Headlands Bell Pendant Light
Amazon Kian White Table Lamp / Serena & Lily Brighton Table Lamp
Amazon Blue Glass Lamp / Serena & Lily Hattie Table Lamp

I will go on record and say that anything that I’ve ever ordered from Serena & Lily has been very high quality. So this is not to say that in every instance these Serena & Lily Amazon dupes will be the exact same quality, and in some cases the lights from Serena & Lily are slightly larger. So there are many reasons WHY Serena & Lily products have a higher price tag.

However, I do pay very close attention to the reviews of each dupe that I recommend, and the materials that these dupes are made of as that gives me insight into what the quality is likely to be. My main goal though is to always help you all get the look you want in your home, at a budget that works for you. So hopefully I’ve been able to surface some lighting options for your home that you both love and that are attainable!

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Serena & Lily Lighting Looks for Less - All From Amazon!