Lighthouse Decor Ideas

Nothing says coastal decor like lighthouses. Come learn how to decorate your home with the classic staple in coastal decorating!

When it comes to decor in your own home, I know it’s a very personal thing.

If you’re like me, you have a certain look you want to create throughout your entire home to maintain a cohesive look.

The good news about having a coastal home (even if it’s not on the coast!) is that you can really get creative with your decor.

So why not throw in a nautical element like a lighthouse to give your home that coastal feel?

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Color Scheme Ideas and Options

lighthouse decor on side table in living room

Choosing the right color scheme for your lighthouse decor is crucial to achieving that coastal look while keeping things fun and lively.

Different color palettes can evoke either the tranquility of a seaside dawn or the drama of a stormy sea. Both are great options, but will give a very different feel to your home.

white sofa in living room with lighthouse art print behind sofa

Inspired by the aesthetic of the old fishing store, a blend of weathered grays and ocean blues might transport you to a rugged coastal scene.

Start with a base color of blue to represent the ocean, pairing it with crisp whites and light sandy tones for a classic coastal vibe, which I am a huge fan of!

For a more playful look, add pops of bright yellow or coral for that fun beach feel.

white mantel with lighthouse figurine and seashells on it

You can also incorporate natural elements like driftwood or seashells for a rustic touch. Check out some of my favorite seashell crafts that would be perfect right alongside some lighthouse decor!

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different shades of blue in your color scheme, as this can add depth and dimension to the space.

Adding Nautical Elements

Besides color, incorporating nautical elements with your lighthouse decor is key in achieving that coastal look.

shiplap walls with couch in front of it with lighthouse print on the wall

For a subtle touch, add some rope accents or anchor motifs in your throw pillows or wall art.

lighthouse on dining room table

If you want to make a statement, consider using lighthouse figurines as table centerpieces or even installing a wooden lighthouse sculpture as a focal point in the room.

I’ve even seen where someone installed a lighthouse as a newell post in their home and it looked so cool!

lighthouse lamp on entry table with lighthouse painting behind it

And don’t forget about lighting! A nautical-inspired chandelier or table lamp can really tie the whole look together.

Mixing and Matching Styles

coastal blue shiplap behind fireplace with lighthouse decor on the mantel

While lighthouses may traditionally be seen as more of a rustic or nautical element, don’t be afraid to mix and match with different styles.

lighthouse figure on side table beside sofa in living room
white mantel with lighthouse figurine on it

For a modern twist, try incorporating sleek metal lighthouse decor pieces in your coastal-inspired room.

white mantel with lighthouse figurine on it

If you prefer a more traditional look, opt for vintage-inspired lighthouse prints or decor items with a distressed finish.

The key is to find a balance between the coastal and nautical elements while also blending in your personal style.

Lighthouse Decor Favorites

nautical lighthouse decor graphic

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Incorporating lighthouse decor into your home is not only a great way to add a touch of coastal charm, but it also allows you to get creative with color and design.

Whether you choose a more classic coastal look or opt for a modern twist, there’s no denying that lighthouse decor can truly elevate the overall aesthetic of your home.

Keep experimenting with different color schemes, textures, and nautical elements until you find the perfect balance for your own unique space. Happy decorating!


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