Friday Favorites

Hi everyone! Any fun plans for the weekend? Not that I love losing an hour of a precious weekend but I have to say that I’m excited to change the clocks and have it stay lighter later! I love being able to get a pre-dinner walk in outside! I have lots of great finds for this week’s Friday Favorites, and think you’ll like them as well! Many of the items are on sale, and I couldn’t resist this $40 lamp, which should arrive by early next week!

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“A Distant Port” Framed Canvas

I debated including this “Distant Port” canvas in my Friday Favorites since it is on the pricier side. The occasional splurge pieces truly elevate a home, which is why you’ll see me balancing these pieces with so much low to moderate priced decor that is still very stylish. However, I kept going back to this print over and over this past week because it’s simply gorgeous!! This is a LARGE piece of artwork (55″x55″) that would certainly be a statement piece wherever you hang it, and this is what artwork of this grand size generally costs. This piece evokes such feelings of calmness for me, and I hope it does the same for you!

Frontera Pillow Cover

I love everything about this 24″ square Frontera Pillow Cover – the coastal blue color, the textures, and the fact that it’s currently 20% off with code “NEWLEAF”. It also comes in navy, as well as in a 12″x21″.

Montecito Pillow Cover

Also 20% off with code “NEWLEAF”, this textured, ivory Montecito Pillow Cover is one that you’d be able to use throughout your home without worrying about it matching other decor. It does come in a beautiful coastal blue and a navy color as well – in addition to a 24″ square size.

White Ribbed Table Lamp

I’ve been on the hunt for white lamps for the two bedside tables in our master bedroom for what feels like FOREVER! I actually found a pair at HomeGoods the other week but when I came across this white ribbed table lamp, I knew the ones from HomeGoods would likely be going back! This lamp is just $40 (!!) – same price as each lamp from HomeGoods, so I ordered two and they should be here on Monday! If anyone wants an update once I receive them, feel free to reach out! I actually initially found this lamp on Target’s site, but I searched around and found it for $20 less at Home Depot! I’m a pretty savvy shopper like that! 😉

Sandblasted Grapewood Branch

Grapewood branches are a great accessory, whether you have them styled on a bookshelf, on a mantle, layered in front of artwork on a dresser or console table, placed in the center of a dining room table with candles, or on a coffee table. I love the natural look of them, and they bring great texture to a room. Some can be pricey though – like this $59 grapewood branch from Pottery Barn. These are the same branches that people often buy for terrariums but they are MUCH cheaper when they are not crazily marked up by home decor sites! I love this sandblasted grapewood branch from this seller on Etsy because of it’s lighter color – and it’s less than $20, even when you add the shipping costs! Keep in mind since these are natural, there’s going to be variations in the shape, color, number of branches, etc.

Wood Vase

As you may know, I love anything made with paulownia wood as it’s the perfect light color, and it has very few knots in it. I love this little wood vase because of it’s grain – it almost looks like waves, which will add a little movement to your decor. Perfect on a shelf, mantle, console table, end table or dresser!

Blue & White Striped Square Neck Top

After being bundled up all winter in heavy sweaters, I always gravitate towards square necklines in the spring like this blue and white striped top from J.Crew! I love the feminine cut and find them to be flattering on everyone! Add blue and white stripes, and I’m sold! Use code “EXTRA” to take 15% off!

White Ruffleneck Top

I’m also a sucker for subtle ruffles, and I love the trim detail on this ruffleneck top! It also comes in a pink (which I’m also eying!) and blue. This is the type of top that’s perfect for work, but can also be paired with a pair of cut-off shorts and sandals for a more casual look. It’s currently 40% off, and if you’re a J.Crew credit card holder you’ll get an extra 20% off with code “CARDPERKS”.

Flip Flops

If you’re needing flip flops, now’s a great time to stock up as these come in TONs of colors and they are on sale for just $14.50 right now! I love the blue & white stripe flip flops that I featured but the red would be so cute for the 4th of July, and I always love pairing green sandals with a navy top! The tortoise ones are fun too!

Charmante Layered Bracelet

I’m all about beaded jewelry once the warmer temperatures arrive and this layered bracelet with a magnetic clasp is no exception! It’s the perfect neutral accessory that will go with almost any outfit!

Pink Palms

I shrunk these pink paper palms down in order to fit in this mood board, however they are actually quite large – 30″ wide and 20″ tall. They are perfect for a large vase, and like a lot of coastal accessories I recommend, they offer great texture.

Balboa Counter Stool

I’m in love with everything in the Balboa collection, but I’ve pining over this counter stool forever! Most definitely a splurge but it’s currently 20% off (as is all Serena & Lily) with code “NEWLEAF”. The cushions are available in many different colors and patterns, but I have to say I’m partial to the white! It is performance fabric so it’s resistant to stains, UV light, etc.

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Enjoy the weekend everyone!


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Friday Favorites