Designing a Coastal Nursery: 18 Tips for a Calm and Serene Baby’s Room

Not much more is sweeter than designing a nursery for a new little addition. It’s a place where you can let your creativity run wild and create a space that is both functional and peaceful, and perfect for your baby to grow in.

For those who live by the coast or love the coastal style, incorporating elements of the beach and ocean into the nursery design can add a calm feel to the room.

Here are some tips for designing a coastal nursery that will be perfect for your little one to rest and grow in.

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Woven Moses Basket

One of the main elements in a nursery is the crib or bassinet.

For a coastal nursery, consider using a woven Moses basket for naps. This not only adds to the beachy feel but also provides a cozy and comfortable space for your baby to rest.

White and Wooden Crib

neutral nursery with white and wood crib and 3 greenery prints hanging above it

A white and wooden crib (or just white or wood) anchors the nursery with its timeless look, while also adding to the coastal theme.

The light and airy appearance of a lighter crib brings in the feeling of being by the ocean.

Coastal Striped Rug

white nursery with woven light and striped coastal rug with white rocker in corner

A coastal striped rug brings warmth and a distinct seaside charm to your nursery, creating a defined space.

A rug serves as the ideal base for coastal-themed decor in any room, but especially a nursery.

Be sure to choose colors that match your overall color scheme and incorporate fun patterns like stripes or waves.

Comfy Glider

You’re going to be spending lots of time in a glider in a nursery so if there’s any piece of furniture to splurge on, it’s that one.

olive green rocker glider in a nursery with neutral white walls

Imagine sinking into the soft texture of a boucle or chenille glider, an ideal spot for feeding and bonding times with your little one, making every moment special.

Coastal-Inspired Wallpaper with Subtle Patterns

coastal nursery with light blue painted lower wall and striped wallpaper up top

I love wallpaper as a way to add visual interest or texture to a room.

In a coastal nursery, consider using wallpaper with subtle beach-inspired patterns like waves or seashells for an easy and impactful design statement.

Neutral Coastal Palette

neutral boho nursery with white walls and wood crib

Embracing a neutral coastal palette in your nursery channels the serene vibes of the beach and sea.

Go for soft blues, calm whites, light grays, and cozy tans in your paint, fabrics, and accents. This will create a chill, peaceful space for your babe, kind of like the relaxing vibes of the beach.

Soft, Organic Cotton Bedding

closeup birds eye view of white muslin kids bedding in a dark brown crib

For your little one’s coastal nursery, opting for soft, organic cotton bedding is a choice you won’t regret.

It’s not just gentle on baby’s delicate skin. The versatility in designs allows for seamless integration with the nursery’s coastal decor, making everything feel much more cohesive.

Pale Blue Gray Walls

I like a blue gray for a nursery because it’s kind of like where the sky kisses the sea.

coastal nursery with blue gray paint color on the walls and wood crib

This color choice brings in a vibe of calmness, perfect for you and your little one.

Try mixing in some matching accents to make the space super cozy and stylish.

Sheer Linen Curtains with Blackout Shades

light wood crib and light blue walls in a coastal inspired nursery with white curtains and woven shades

Combining sheer or light filtering linen curtains with woven blackout shades will give you gentle, diffused light. It offers the best of both worlds, adjusting light for your little one’s optimal sleep which is crucial in those early days.

Opt for neutral or light colors to beautifully tie into your coastal nursery theme. This will ensure a gentle, light ambiance that mirrors the calmness of the shore.

Seagrass Floor Poufs for Natural Texture and Comfort

coastal inspired nursery with white stuffed chair and white crib and a striped coastal style rug

Add seagrass or jute floor poufs to your nursery for a splash of natural texture and a practical seating solution.

You could also use them as a footrest for your glider or ottoman.

Ceramic Lamp Base

closeup of a white ceramic vase with a toy wooden elephant in front of it

A white ceramic lamp base in an interesting shape adds a hint of coastal charm and provides an opportunity to add some personality with a printed or textured lampshade.

This will provide ample lighting for those late-night feedings and diaper changes.

Decorative Pillows

cream fabric rocker with blue pillows and a blanket in it next to a white and wood crib

Pillows are not just for decoration; they also add comfort and coziness to your nursery’s space.

Consider adding a knit, woven, or textured decorative pillow with coastal elements such as shells, fish, or boats to complete the look of your nursery.

Wooden Nursery Closet Dividers

Nursery closet dividers aren’t just practical. They can be beautifully customized to match the coastal nursery decor, bringing a sense of harmony to the room.

They’re essential for keeping baby clothes neatly organized by size or type, ensuring you find what you need with ease.

White Scalloped Frame

closeup of a scalloped frame on a dresser with a photo of 2 kids in it

I love a white or woven scalloped frame for adding a delicate touch of whimsy and elegance to your nursery.

Perfect for showcasing baby’s first ultrasound or newborn photos, this frame brings a breezy, beach-inspired vibe.

Wooden Whale Sculpture

closeup of white dresser with wooden whale figurine on it with seagrass basket with a tree in it

Adding a wooden whale sculpture to your nursery adds a touch of whimsy and playfulness while also staying true to the coastal theme.

It’s a great piece for creating a focal point on an accent wall or shelf, adding depth and dimension to the room.

Ocean-inspired Art

blue walls in a coastal inspired nursery with a coastal print above the wood crib

Abstract art with ocean-inspired colors and patterns is a great way to add visual interest and tie in the coastal theme in a more subtle way.

Choose pieces that complement the overall color scheme of your nursery for a cohesive look.

Floating Shelves for Toys

boho style nursery with open wooden shelves for toys, books, and baskets

Installing floating shelves in your baby’s coastal nursery serves both practical and decorative purposes.

They’re perfect for displaying those adorable toys or charming decor items, bringing the essence of the seaside right into the room.

When setting them up, make sure they’re placed at a safe height, out of reach of little hands, and opt for materials that vibe with with the nursery’s theme.

Woven Seagrass Storage Baskets

I’m a sucker for a good basket, and a nursery with all the little extra baby things will definitely require as much storage as possible.

Woven seagrass storage baskets provide a functional and stylish way to store essentials like blankets, toys, or diapers. They also adding a touch of rustic coastal charm.

closeup of seagrass basket with white blankets in it

Choose different sizes and textures for added depth and dimension.

Remember, the key to a beautiful coastal nursery lies in the details. Soft, organic materials, natural light, and marine-inspired accents all play a part in bringing the tranquility of the coast to your baby’s nursery.

With the right blend of colors, textures, and decor, you can create a space that feels like a gentle hug for both you and your baby.

By following these tips and incorporating your personal touch, you’ll craft a nurturing haven where countless memories will be made and treasured.

The saying is true – the days are long, but the years really are so short. Enjoy all the baby snuggles while you can!


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Designing a Coastal Nursery: 18 Tips for a Calm and Serene Baby\'s Room

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