Coastal Counter Stools: How and Where To Shop

If you’re looking for coastal counter stools for your own home, let me help guide you on the best places to buy and what to look for to bring the perfect coastal vibe to your kitchen!

Whenever I show pictures of our kitchen, the number one question I get (besides questions about how to shop for a runner rug) is about our counter stools.

woven bar stools with white cushions

Admittedly, I understand why I get the questions about them – I love them too!

Although mine are technically bar height, you can find some very similar in counter height if that’s what you need!

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Counter Height vs. Bar Height

The difference between counter height and bar height stools primarily lies in their seat height.

Counter height stools typically have a seat height of 24 to 27 inches and are designed to be used with a standard countertop, island, or table that is around 36 inches high.

Bar height stools have a seat height between 29 and 31 inches, suitable for use with a counters, islands, or tables that are around 42 inches high.

How Do I Know If I Need Bar or Counter Stools?

Measuring your space is step one.

But an important factor is comfort. Yes, we want it to look great, but we want it to also be comfortable and functional.

closeup of woven bar stools with white cushions with white cabinets

For maximum comfort, there should be around 10 to 12 inches of space from the underside of the counter or bar to the top of the stool’s seat.

How Many Stools Should You Have at a Counter?

Again, to maximize comfort, you want to allow around 24 inches for each stool, give or take.

serena and lily dining stools in white kitchen with white cabinets
Photo credit: Making Waves beach house rental – Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Take the full length of your counter space area and divide that by 24 to get the total number of stools that will be perfect to fit your space.

Where Are The Best Places to Buy Coastal Counter Stools?

I’m so glad you asked, because this is really where I shine!

I love finding the best deals to give you the look you want, at a price point that makes the most sense for your budget.

closeup of woven bar stools with white cushions with white cabinets

Would you believe me if I told you that these coastal stools are from Amazon?

Well, believe it because they are!

Here are some of my other favorite places to get counter stools:

But lucky for you, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite coastal counter stools already for you in an easy, one stop shop! Check out the image below and find one that makes your coastal heart flutter.

Regardless of the stool you choose, mixing comfort with the stunning coastal design of these stools will add the perfect touch to your kitchen or bar area.

Happy shopping!

Coastal Counter Stools: How and Where To Shop

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