6 Top Ideas for Coastal Bathroom Decor

Yes – you can decorate your bathroom with coastal design style! Let me show you how in this post.

The bathroom of all places doesn’t necessarily seem like the most logical place to throw in some coastal decor, but I want to show you some classic and easy ways it can be done!

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Small Details Matter

closeup of white towel with gray smaller towel on top

When it comes to transforming your bathroom into a coastal retreat, it’s often the small details that make the biggest impact.

These subtle touches can bring in the coastal vibes, even if you’re miles away from an actual shore.

closeup of tray with white bath salts in glass hocking jars

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Also, when thinking about coastal bathroom decor, don’t underestimate the power of textiles either.

A simple woven tray (or even bar cart in this case!), holding things like bath salts or lotions can introduce natural textures that mirror a coastal landscape.

wood stool in corner of coastal bathroom with white towel folded on it

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Consider adding a plush, textured bath mat to your coastal bathroom (and drape over a teak stool or bench when not in use), for a touch of cozy that aligns with the relaxed coastal lifestyle.

Clean Color Palette

A clean and well-curated color palette is the cornerstone of coastal design.

If you’ve seen our coastal bedroom or even our most recent living room transformation, you’ll understand that whites are not always sterile or cold!

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When thinking about coastal bathroom decor, soft whites, pale blues, sandy beige, and watery greens are your best friends here. When it comes to selecting wall or floor tiles, opt for subdued shades that complement the chosen color palette, keeping neutrality in the back of your mind.

Pair these tiles with crisp white or light-colored grout to maintain that clean and inviting atmosphere.

Mirrors and Light Fixtures as Decor

Mirrors and light fixtures aren’t just functional elements; they also play a crucial role in your bathroom’s decor.

double vanity with wood toned mirror and white lights

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When aiming for coastal design, embrace mirrors with frames that feature weathered wood or light-colored distressed finishes. These mirrors can instantly bring a touch of coastal cottage elegance to your space.

Neutral Shower and Bath Products

closeup of shower niche in coastal bathroom with wood brush and white bottles

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Even if you use brands with colorful bottles, just putting them in matching bottles like these can make a world of difference in keeping the coastal design cohesive.

Organize these products in stylish trays or a niche in your shower. By keeping the colors and packaging in line with your coastal theme, you’ll maintain a sense of harmony and balance in your bathroom decor.

Make it Guest Friendly

white coastal bathroom with white vanity and jute woven mirror

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Creating a guest-friendly coastal bathroom is all about making your visitors feel as relaxed as they would on vacation.

Ensure there are plenty of fresh, fluffy towels and consider adding a vase of local fresh flowers on the vanity to add a touch of nature as part of your coastal bathroom decor.

White and Wood Always Works

closeup of wood stool in corner of coastal bathroom with white towel folded on it

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with the classic combination of white and wood in coastal design.

We’ve used it all over our home and in the Cape Cod home I had a hand in helping a friend design (which is an amazing vacation rental!), and it works everywhere.

In bathroom decor specifically, introduce wood elements through furniture, shelving, and decorative accents – and remember a little goes a long way!

Incorporating these ideas into your coastal bathroom decor will help you create a space that’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but also captures the relaxing essence of coastal living.

Each detail, color, and element works together to transport you to the tranquil shores every time you step into your beach-inspired oasis.

6 Top Ideas for Coastal Bathroom Decor

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