Chic Coastal Laundry Room Ideas

Nobody likes doing laundry, but it’s something that will never go away.

So why not at least enjoy the room you are in, right?

I’ve found some stunning coastal laundry rooms and wanted to share them with you guys because they’ve already got my wheels turning for a potential coastal laundry room refresh of our own!

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1. Wall Mounted Shelves

coastal laundry room with open shelves and oriental runner rug

In a space dedicated to cleaning and organization, practicality reigns supreme. Wall-mounted shelves give you that extra storage you need without taking up any of your valuable floor space. Arrange your favorite coastal-themed or utility items on these shelves, from tidy stacks of towels to glass jars filled with laundry detergents.

2. Seagrass Storage Baskets

white laundry room with wood top on washer and dryer and seagrass basket on the floor

Seagrass storage baskets are the epitome of coastal vibes. These baskets serve as an ideal home for things like spare linens, cleaning cloths, and even the mismatched socks that seem to multiply with every load. Tuck them away on lower shelves or under your folding station for easy access.

3. Sheer Window Coverings

laundry room with blue cabinets and blue backsplash with white upper cabinets

Natural light can really make your laundry room feel bigger than it is. Sheer window coverings diffuse the light, allowing light to come in without blinding you while you’re doing the mundane task of laundry. Consider textured fabrics too like light filtering roman shades.

4. Coastal Tile Backsplash

coastal laundry room with light blue subway tiles and white farmhouse sink

Your laundry room’s backsplash doesn’t have to be an afterthought – it’s a pop of personality that really brings the whole room together. Choose tiles in shades of aquamarine, pale turquoise, or sandy beige. A seamless transition from the counter to the backsplash will also help with easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring your coastal laundry room never loses its luster.

5. Beach Inspired Wall Art

white laundry room with coastal inspired art over the white washer and dryer

Framed images of seashells, beach landscapes, and shorelines are perfect for adding a touch of coastal to your laundry room. Keep it understated to maintain the minimalist ambiance.

6. Blue and White Color Scheme

laundry room with white walls and light blue cabinets and seagrass basket on the floor under the window

The traditional coastal color palette of blue and white is a timeless choice for any space. In your laundry room, stick to a predominantly white backdrop with accents of lighter blue hues. Use blue for details like a backsplash, shelf decor or a striped rug to add visual interest without overpowering the room with color.

7. Coastal Inspired Wallpaper

laundry room with mid toned blue cabinets and blue and white striped coastal wallpaper

For a laundry room with no windows or a small footprint, wallpaper can be a game-changer. Choose a coastal-inspired print that speaks to your love of the sea.

8. Patterned Floor Tile

laundry room with white cabinets and patterned tile on the floor

Don’t neglect those floors in a laundry room! Patterned floor tiles not only add a dash of the unexpected, but also contribute to the overall breezy feel of the room.

By implementing these coastal-inspired ideas, your laundry room will become a sanctuary of simplicity and calm, where even the most mundane household chores can feel like a day on the coast!


Chic Coastal Laundry Room Ideas

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