Stunning Coastal Home Exterior Colors

If you have a home near the coast or even a body of water like a lake, here are some amazing home exterior colors that will sure to inspire you!

There’s something undeniably enchanting about a home on the coast, don’t you agree?

Owning a beachfront home can be the pinnacle of a bucket list item for some and I wouldn’t blame them at all!

While not everyone can have a house by the sea, you can bring a slice of that coastal magic to your own home with the right exterior paint colors.

From the timeless combination of whites and blues that you guys know I love oh so much, to the soothing pastel hues inspired by tropical islands, here are some of the best beach house exterior colors you are sure to love!

Coastal or Beach Home Exterior Color Ideas


beach house exterior paint color in white
image source: Barrow Building Group

Sometimes I feel like we designers sound like broken records but this is proof once again – white does not always equal sterile!

White can mean clean, warm, welcoming and inviting and in the case of choosing white as an exterior paint color for a coastal home, it’s a great choice!


It should come as no surprise that another popular color option for a beach home exterior is blue.

If your home is at the coast but not necessarily near a body of water, a blue exterior is a great way to bring the water a little closer to home.

Shades of blue can mimic both the clear skies or the gorgeous ocean waters, and be an overall great option to paint your exterior.

Light Green

beach house exterior cottage in seafoam green with coral door
image source: Houzz

Of course I have nothing against a deep forest green on the exterior of a home, but when it comes to options for coastal home exterior paint colors, I think a light green is stunning!

You have the option to paint your front door a really fun color and add a little personality to your gorgeous home near the coast.

Seafoam Green

beach cottage exterior in light green with coral front door
image source: Charleston Blonde

Along the same lines of the light green is more of a seafoam green, which brings the perfect balance of blue and green.

This color reminds me of the famous row homes along the coast of Charleston, and are a perfect way to add some southern charm.

blue green beach house exterior paint color
image source: BHG

This is also a great color if you’re right on the water because your home will look just like the waves crashing on shore, which is just about as calm and cozy as you can get.

The giant windows in a home like this also make the color seem even more light and airy and can allow you to sit almost anywhere in the house and look out at the ocean.


neutral brick and brown toned beach house exterior paint color
image source: Brandon Architects

I know that when you think of a house that’s tan or brown, it may not scream house by the water, but stay with me for a second.

Think things like driftwood, palm trees and other things that are outside in a beach city or town.

neutral tan beach house exterior paint color
image source: unknown

Plus, don’t forget you can always add color in your shutters, landscaping and your front door if you’re afraid neutral alone won’t be enough.


Much like neutral tans, many people feel like gray can be super drab and boring.

But when you pair it with lush landscaping and some color within other design elements of the house, gray can be a great waterfront exterior color option.

Hopefully these gorgeous homes have inspired you to pick up a paint sprayer (or pay a professional to pick up a paint sprayer) and get to designing the exterior home that showcases your style and personality!



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  1. Katherine G Applegarth
    March 23, 2024 / 8:20 am

    I love the colors for an exterior of a coastal home. I am planning to paint my coastal home in the next couple of months and am looking for ideas.

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