Backsplash Ideas for Your Coastal Kitchen

If you’re looking for a great way to add a new design element in your kitchen, check out these coastal backsplash ideas you’ll love!

One area you may not think about as a way to add a great coastal aesthetic to your home is your kitchen – namely the backsplash!

I think we all know the kitchen is the heart of the home, but it’s also a place where style and functionality can come together in perfect design harmony.

I want to show you some of the best ways to bring in some coastal design ideas in the simplicity of backsplash tile.

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Unique White Shaped Tile

closeup of white kitchen backsplash tile

Up first, I figured I might as well show you the simple arabesque tile that we have in our kitchen.

It’s a white tile, but it also has a shape other than square or rectangular, which adds a good bit of visual interest and dimension.

corner in kitchen with coffee maker and backsplash tile

The thing I love most about our tile is that even with its shape, it’s still timeless. You can very rarely go wrong with white tile, especially in a kitchen.

It helps your kitchen feel crisp and clean and let’s face it, anything we can do to give our kitchens the appearance of being clean is a win in my book!

Zellige Tile

coastal kitchen backsplash white tile

At this Cape Cod rental home that I had the pleasure of helping provide some furniture & decor recommendations for, the owner used this gorgeous subway tile with texture to it.

Again, she went with white, but with its unique handmade look, it draws the eye in and is a great focal point in this coastal kitchen.

Shades of Blue

Who can say no to beautiful blue hues in the kitchen? And in a coastal kitchen no less? Come on!

You can choose darker blues to stand out and be a focal point. Or instead, you can choose a lighter blue to mirror both the sky and sea in your beach home!

Many of the lighter blue shades come in a glass tile which allows you to bring color into the space, but still feel light, bright, and airy.

Patterned Subway Tile

I love the choice of this patterned tile for a coastal or beach home because it reminds of me ocean waves and the actual beach itself!

Combine that with white cabinets and dark floors and it’s everything you could want in a beach kitchen backsplash.

Herringbone Bold Tile

herringbone colored backsplash tile in kitchen with white cabinets
image source: Alper Architect

If you’re not too afraid of bolder tile, this is another great option. You can switch things up and lay in a herringbone pattern which is popular, yet timeless.

A pro tip is that even if you’re not on board with bold colors for a beach kitchen backsplash idea, you could do this same pattern with white tiles and it would be just as gorgeous!

Vertical Stacked Tile

If you’re more on “team neutral” like myself, you might like something more like this.

I love that you can see details of color in the tile such as light blues, tans, and grays. Yet when you step back and look, it all still feels very neutral.

This would be a great option if you’re a little afraid of color, but still want to give off the coastal vibes in your kitchen backsplash.

Patterened Tile

white kitchen cabinets with patterned tile
image source: Hive Home

I have a special place in my heart for patterned tiles – especially when they’re white and blue like these are.

Tiles like this are great for adding some color to an all white kitchen and can easily warm up the space, while also being a great talking point.

A good thing about patterned tiles is many times they’re imperfect and it gives the look of being handmade or hand painted, which can personalize your space even further!

Hopefully some of these ideas will inspire your own backsplash kitchen tile designs and bring the exact beachy coastal look you want!



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