About Me


Thanks for dropping by! I’m Kerry, the creator of Casually Coastal, and a lover of interior decorating, coastal decor, home improvement projects, beach vacations, and shopping. OK, maybe add margaritas to this list! 

Born and raised in New England, I’ve been fortunate to live in proximity to some incredible coastlines. As a child, summer vacations with my family entailed spending time on Cape Cod and in Maine, and my best friend from college introduced me to Martha’s Vineyard many moons ago. Pure bliss. If you’ve never been to this adorable and charming island, add it to your travel bucket list. I promise you’ll fall in love! ♥

Race Point Beach
Race Point Beach | Provincetown, MA

It’s no secret that New England winters can be brutal. I’m not relocating anytime soon though (I love my family and friends too much!). I do however try to capture those feelings of summer on the coast and infuse them into my home decor and everyday life so that I can enjoy the serenity year-round. There’s simply nothing better than the soft hues of the sea, the laid back vibe, the sun and the sand. Throw in some Kenny Chesney tunes and I’m on cloud nine!

My sweet (and insanely patient!) husband Josh and I moved into our new-to-us home about five years ago and we’ve slowly been dimming it’s 1990’s spirit, one weekend DIY project and renovation at a time. We still have many more projects to tackle though, and I can’t wait to share them with all of you!

While the Casually Coastal blog serves as a creative outlet and a space for me to share all of my personal interests (home decor, DIY, style, food + drink, as well as travel), I do hope to inspire you just the tiniest bit and that you enjoy following along!