9 Seashell Crafts To Try This Weekend

If you want to bring the coastal vibes in your decor, these are the perfect modern seashell crafts to try! Some are only a few steps that even the most inexperienced DIYer can accomplish!

When it comes to larger DIY projects, I’m usually not one to jump on it.

But if it’s a smaller project, it usually feels more doable and I’m wayyy more likely to try it!

As I was looking for some amazing coastal decor, I kept running across these super cute seashell crafts and thought I’d share with them in case you’d like to try some of these yourself.

Awesome Seashell Craft Ideas

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Decoupage Trinket Trays

This cute seashell craft allows for you to really play with colors and patterns to fit exactly what you need for your own space.

They make great pieces to throw your jewelry on or just to have around as decor. Either way – the possibilities are endless!

Ombre Wreath

This ombre seashell wreath is giving off major Pottery Barn vibes and feels like the perfect addition to a front door, or even a feature wall inside of a home.

I love that this could work for either all year round, or you could change up the colors seasonally – warmer colors for fall and winter and brighter colors for spring and summer!

Neutral Starfish + Twinkly Lights

Can you ever really go wrong with adding some twinkly lights?

Definitely not!

Bringing in wood tones with baskets or wooden beads also ups the coastal vibes in the best way!

Sand and Small Shells Glass Ornament

Since Christmas is right around the corner, what a great way to have some of your own shells be on display during the holiday season!

This is SUCH an easy DIY craft and if you have sand or seashells from a memorable family beach trip, it’s the perfect way to add some sentimental ornaments to your tree.

Painted Ornaments with Glitter

Speaking of Christmas ornaments, if you love color, these glitter ornaments are also a super easy DIY project that can give your tree a unique and whimsical touch.

Try using a variety of seashells like scallop shells, conch shells, or sand dollars, and choose bright colors to create vibrant ornaments.

Pro tip: These also make great gifts for beach lovers and can be used as home decor all year round.

DIY Oyster Candles

I feel like oyster shells bring a different level of a coastal feel to decor, and these DIY candles are a subtle yet beautiful way to incorporate them into your home.

Amy gives a great step by step tutorial on her site if you’re looking to add these into your decor for a quick weekend project.

Chinoiserie Oyster Shells

I love the vintage nostalgia that chinoiserie brings, but adding those to the inside of an oyster shell is pure perfection.

You can get so creative with this and use the shells for decor in a bowl, in a glass vase, or have them on a nightstand or vanity for your jewelry.

Simple Bowl of Shells

While putting shells into a bowl and adding it to a side table isn’t technically a “craft”, it is a really nice and simple way to add coastal decor to your living space.

Depending on the size of bowl you have or choose, you could add this as a centerpiece on a dining table or even some simple coastal bedroom decor on a dresser or nightstand.

Oyster Shell Centerpiece

Another great way to decorate with shells without having to actually do a craft is to display oyster shells (or any other shells you prefer) in the center of a table for a beautiful centerpiece.

You can even add some candles for a romantic touch. This would be perfect for a dinner party or even just for everyday decor.

Hopefully these seashell crafts have inspired you to bring a little bit of the beach into your home.

Whether it’s a simple DIY project or a decorative touch, shells are a versatile and beautiful way to add some coastal charm to any space. It’s also a great way to upcycle any shells you may have collected during a trip to the beach!

There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating with shells, so feel free to let your creativity fly and enjoy the process!



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