15 Coastal Bunk Room Ideas to Copy

There is nothing more fun (and exhausting) than a family beach vacation, especially with kiddos.

Especially in short term rental situations, having bunk beds allows for more sleepers in one room, but you don’t have to sacrifice style.

Bunk rooms are a great way to maximize space and create a fun atmosphere for kids (and adults too!). I want to share with you 15 coastal bunk rooms that you can easily recreate in your own home.

Stylish Bunk Room Ideas

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1. Porthole Window

set of 4 bunk beds in a room with a porthole in between them

A bunk room featuring circular windows gives the feeling of being on a ship, making it perfect for ocean-themed decor.

2. Navy Nautical

room painted dark navy with dark navy build in bunk beds with white bedding and red throw blankets

Navy blue walls make for a classic nautical feel that’s both sophisticated and cozy.

3. Lighthouse Touches

coastal themed bunk room with lighthouse light fixture

There is totally a way to have lighthouse decor and not have it feel kitchy or cheesy. Details such as lighthouse-shaped light fixtures or wall art can add a charming feel to the room.

4. Preppy

navy built in bunk beds with white bedding coastal style

Simple patterns and a palette of crisp whites and blues bring a preppy, East Coast style to bunk arrangements.

5. Bunks for 3

triple white bunk beds with navy and white striped bedding

Arrange three beds (with safety in mind, of course) for a practical, space-saving design that fits more sleepers comfortably.

6. Coastal Cottage

coastal cottage girls blue painted bunk beds with light green walls and rattan light fixture

Soft pastels paired with floral or seashell patterns create a cottage feel, inviting and warm. Super charming, especially for the sweet girls in your life.

7. Light and Airy

white wood bunk beds with white bedding

Still want more coastal bunk room ideas? Use light, neutral colors and plenty of white to make small bunk rooms feel more spacious and open.

8. Sandy Tans

set of bunk beds and 2 other beds in the room with white and tan bedding

Incorporate sandy tan hues into bedding or rugs for a gentle, earthy base that complements any coastal theme.

9. Whitewashed Wood Beds

whitewashed wood bunk beds with white and blue bedding

Bunk beds in whitewashed wood tones remind me a lot of driftwood, adding a rustic seaside vibe to your space.

10. Pops of Teal and Coral

4 bunk beds in a coastal themed bunk room with coral and teal pillows

I know teal and coral accents feel so 2005, but I promise you can do it well! Accent with teal and coral for a vibrant, oceanic pop that brightens the room and brings youthful energy.

11. Fun Runner Rug

4 coastal bunk beds with striped runner and teal and coral throw pillows on the beds

A fun striped runner rug can tie the room’s design elements together and is the perfect way to add color to the space.

12. Stairs and Ladders

Innovative stair and ladder designs not only add functionality but also enhance the room’s playful, adventurous feel.

13. Painted Built-In Bunks

mint painted bunk beds in a coastal style bunk room

Built-in bunks painted in fun colors integrate seamlessly with the room’s overall design theme. It’s a great foundation for how you want the rest of the room to feel.

14. Built-Ins With a Window Seat

4 white bunk beds with window seat and 2 jute poufs on the floor

Incorporating a window seat among the bunks offers a cozy nook for reading or daydreaming. It can also double for a nap or sleeping spot for toddlers!

15. Simple Navy Floor Bunks

2 sets of navy bunk beds with large tan and white striped rug on the floor
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Floor bunks with navy bedding provide a minimalist, laid-back aesthetic, ideal for teen retreats, or informal guest sleeping.

Coastal Bunk Room Decor

For those of you looking for just a little more inspiration, I’ve also gathered some of my favorite coastal bunk room decor.

Some of you may be looking for coastal bunk room ideas for your own home and some of you may be looking for ideas for a short term rental property. Either way, these designs are timeless and can suit sleepers of all ages!


15 Coastal Bunk Room Ideas to Copy

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