10 Unique Coastal Fireplace Ideas

If you’re trying to find a way to tie in your fireplace with your coastal decor, let me share these coastal fireplace ideas with you to inspire some creativity!

When you think beach, you automatically think of summer, but what about those colder months?

Nothing says cozy like a fireplace in a living room, right?

Here are some coastal fireplace ideas that will bring the salt-tinged air into your living room, no matter how far you are from the shoreline.

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Driftwood Log Holder

closeup of driftwood in a log holder by a fireplace

Instead of the traditional iron log holders, a driftwood log holder can be the perfect accent to a coastal fireplace.

Gather a few pieces of weathered driftwood, arrange them in a stack, and secure them. Having driftwood as opposed to regular firewood complements the beach aesthetic beautifully, adding a point of interest.

Whitewashed Brick Fireplace

whitewashed brick fireplace with a seagrass basket

A whitewashed brick fireplace is a classic coastal look.

The white finish softens the ruggedness of the brick and adds a light, airy feel to your living space.

Plus, painting brick is a simple, cost-effective way to transform any brick fireplace into a neutral backdrop for your living room!

Seagrass Basket Storage

rustic living room with fireplace with a seagrass basket on it and a large round chandelier

I’m a lover of all things practical storage and a seagrass basket is a great way to add a place to store things like blankets or kids toys.

This can add functionality and beauty while staying in line with your coastal vibe!

Coastal-inspired Ceramic Tile Hearth

coastal inspired colored tile in a white fireplace with coastal artwork over the fireplace in a living room

Give your fireplace a stand-out feature with a coastal-inspired ceramic tile hearth.

Think neutrals, seafoam greens, and sandy beiges.

This can be a really great way to add in a pop of color to your space. You can also tie it in with items such as rugs and blankets for a cohesive look.

Porthole Windows On Either Side Of The Fireplace

porthole window next to a whitewashed brick fireplace in a living room

This may not be something you can easily add in. However, if you’re working on a new build, porthole windows may be something to consider!

This type of window not only enhances the coastal theme, but also introduces more natural light. It’s also extra special if the view outside of the window is of a stunning coastline.

Coastal Art Above Fireplace

white brick fireplace with wood mantel and coastal artwork over the fireplace

This can be as simple or as dramatic as you’d like for it to be.

Hang a large ocean painting or a series of coastal photographs above the mantel to draw the eye, and bring the outdoors inside.

Art pieces can anchor the overall theme and incorporate the pastel or bold colors that are so typical of beach landscapes.

Some of my favorite coastal artwork pieces that would look stunning above a mantel include this Pastel Sunset Art, Clarity Found, and this beautiful Green Turtle Cay piece.

Coastal Color Scheme

open paint colors on a background that showcase a coastal theme of blues, creams and tans

Choosing a coastal palette for your whole home is crucial to make everything feel inviting and like the same space.

Keeping coastal colors from your bedroom to your living room ensures proper flow, and creates more of a serene space.

Adopt a coastal color scheme for your fireplace and the surrounding area too! Whites, soft blues, sandy beiges, and sea greens echo the ocean’s palette and create a serene living space.

Area rugs, throw pillows, and other decor in these shades will tie the theme together.

Coastal Climate Friendly Greenery

large greenery next to fireplace in a white coastal living room

Incorporate coastal climate-friendly plants that thrive in sandy, well-drained soil.

This not only makes your fireplace area look more at home with the coastal scheme but also introduces the living beach into your interiors.

Lanterns on the Mantel or Hearth

black lanterns hanging over the fireplace in a coastal living room with blue pillows on a sofa

Place lanterns on your mantel or hearth to give your fireplace a coastal ambiance. A few of my favorites include these brass lanterns (which are great for adding warmth to a space!) and these handwoven lanterns (which can be used indoors or out)!

You can keep classic candle lanterns or LED lanterns, which are safe for indoor use. Either way, it will add great ambiance and an extra lighting source in your living room!

Coastal Inspired Pillows on Side Chairs

closeup of coastal pillow in blue and white stripes on a side chair in front of a fireplace in the background

I LOVE throw pillows and honestly, I prefer pillow covers so that way you can change out the covers and not have to worry about trying to store pillows when they’re not in season.

Complete the picture of your coastal fireplace with coastal-inspired pillows on your side chairs or sofa.

By combining several of these elements, you can create a fireplace that speaks to the coastal lover in you.

Whether it’s the sound of the waves, the warmth of the sun, or the endless blue stretching to the horizon, your coastal fireplace will be a reminder of your favorite seaside memories and will keep your coastal home cozy all year long!



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