10 Nautical Bedroom Ideas for Boys

One of my most favorite rooms to help design or create are bedrooms for little ones.

You can get away with whimsical and fun, but also keep it classic and stylish.

If you’re planning a nautical design for a boys’ room, here are some great ideas that you can copy right now!

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Use a Nautical Color Scheme

twin navy bunk beds in a bedroom with tan and white striped rug
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Everything starts with the right colors.

Try selecting a color palette inspired by the sea. In a nautical boy’s room, navy blue, white, and shades of gray work flawlessly. To add a touch of warmth, incorporate sandy beiges or browns. These colors will set the tone for the entire room.

Install Ship Wheel Wall Decor

boy nautical bedroom with white and blue bedding and ship wheel above bed as wall art

A ship wheel is a classic nautical symbol and makes for a fantastic focal point.

Hang it above the bed, or on a feature wall to bring an authentic maritime touch to the space.

This is also one of those great pieces to try to find while thrifting in a vintage or antique shop!

Add Nautical-Themed Bedding

boy nautical bedroom with navy curtains and white duvet cover with ships on it

Now, you totally can choose bedding with nautical themes such as anchors, sailboats, or lighthouses.

Or, you can also just use the colors from your color palette to really bring out the nautical touch to the room.

Include Pennant Flags as Wall Art

boy's nautical bedroom with wood bed and pendant hanging on wall behind the bed

Pennant flags add a playful and colorful element to a nautical boy’s room.

String them across a wall or above the bed for a light and festive feel. You can also place each pennant flag in a frame and create a gallery wall!

Incorporate Model Ships

closeup of a model ship on a nightstand

Got a guy who loves to build model ships?

What a great place to display them in their own room! They are a nice way to bring the sea indoors.

Add a Classic Striped Rug

bed with white and navy bedding and a white and navy rug

A striped rug (again, in line with your chosen color palette) can anchor (no pun intended) the room and tie together the color scheme.

It’s a simple and effective way to reinforce the nautical theme while adding comfort for playtime on the floor.

Add a Map of the World or Ocean Photo

white and light blue bedding in a bedroom with a picture of the ocean above the bed

Incorporate a large map of the world or a high-quality ocean photograph as wall art.

Bonus if it’s an image from a family trip that also comes with shared memories!

Incorporate Striped Patterns

light blue bedding with a photo of a ship over the bed

From curtains to pillows to rugs, striped patterns just scream nautical.

In your nautical boy’s room, you can even mix and match different widths and colors for a cohesive, yet dynamic look.

Weathered Wood Furniture

weathered wood nightstand next to bed in a coastal themed bedroom

Furniture made from weathered or reclaimed wood adds a rustic vibe to the room.

You can use this in beds, nightstands, or dressers to complete the look.

Use Boat Oars as Wall Art

closeup of wooden oars hanging on the wall

Another great thing to search for at vintage or antique shops is wooden boat oars that you can repurpose as decorative wall art. If you don’t have any shops in the area, Amazon also sells a variety of painted oars that you can select to coordinate with the room’s color scheme.

Arrange them in a crisscross pattern or lean them against the wall for an authentic, nautical touch that adds character to the room.

Creating a nautical-themed bedroom is a fun way to bring the adventure of the coast right into your little guy’s room.

With these ideas, you can craft a space that any boy will love and want to spend time in.

Nautical Boy’s Room Design


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10 Nautical Bedroom Ideas for Boys

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