10 Effortless Coastal Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Check out these amazing (and SUPER SIMPLE!) ideas to add coastal decor to your coffee table

coastal style living room with white arm chairs and wood coffee table
Sources: Rug | Coffee Table (sea drift finish) | Rattan Tray | Book | Candle | Match Cloche | Candle Snuffer | Marble Coasters | Similar Spindle Chairs | Pillows | Rattan Side Table | White Vase (Small) | Real Touch Hydrangeas | Woven Shades (Tibet Ivory) | Sideboard

I think aside from a rug, a coastal coffee table is one of the best ways to pull a room together.

Sometimes decorating a coffee table can be tough – what’s too much? What makes sense?

You’re in luck! I’m here to help! Let’s look at some of my favorite ideas for coffee table decor

Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

Timeless Modern Coastal

rustic modern round coffee table with coastal bowls and books on it

Combine classic elements with modern design for a timeless coastal look. Think rich wood tones, sleek furniture, and minimalist accents.

Wood Bead Garland

coastal coffee table decor with wood bead garland, vase with green stems and candles

Drape a wood bead garland across your coffee table for an easy, breezy coastal vibe. This simple accessory adds texture and interest, with minimal effort.

Florals with Glass Beads

blue & white rug and a natural wood coffee table, with a tray, hydrangeas, book, candle, bowl and beads
Sources: Rug | Coffee Table (sea drift finish) | Tray | Book | Similar Sea Salt Candle | Wick Trimmer | Candle Snuffer | White Peony Bowl | Glass Beads | Blue Beads (similar)

Keep your coastal coffee table decor elegant and simple with a cheery & welcoming vase of flowers (either real or faux!). Add a few well-chosen pieces such as a decorative bowl, candle, glass beads or a small stack of books to highlight the coastal theme, without overwhelming the space.

Use Bowls to Tame Clutter

close up of two bowls on a coffee table

Decorative bowls are not only beautiful, but functional. Use them to keep small items like keys, remotes, or coasters in check, while also adding a touch of coastal charm with shell or ocean-inspired pieces.

Shell-Like Material for Smaller Dishes

white sofa and coastal coffee table decor featuring a shell bowl and vase with a floral stem in it

Incorporate smaller dishes made of, or inspired by shell materials. Another great option would be to use oyster shells! They’re perfect for holding trinkets or snacks and add a genuine coastal feel to your decor.

Long Rectangular Tray

rectangular tray on a coffee table in front of a white sectional sofa

A long rectangular tray can anchor your coffee table decor. Fill it with a mix of candles, books, small plants, and nautical accents to create a cohesive and stylish centerpiece.

Create Depth with Plants in Multiple Heights

wood coffee table with large and small pots with greenery on it

Bring the outdoors in by adding plants of various heights. Combine taller palms or ferns with shorter succulents to create depth and visual interest, giving a sense of a lush coastal landscape. This is a particularly great idea in large, open living spaces that require larger decor pieces to ensure the right scale.

Simple Potted Plant and Coffee Table Books

closeup of round tray on coffee table with vase and greenery

If you’re looking for a few more coastal coffee table decor ideas, a simple potted plant paired with a stack of coffee table books is always a winning combination. Choose books with oceanic themes or covers that complement your coastal color palette for added flair.

The great part of this is that you can change the coffee table books out by season and voila! Your decor feels fresh & seasonally appropriate!

Add a Couple Candles for Ambiance

tray on coffee table with candles and vases with greenery in them

Candles are a fantastic way to add ambiance and a cozy glow to your coastal coffee table. Opt for scents like sea salt or coconut to enhance the beachy atmosphere even more!

Round Jute Basket Tray

round rattan tray with potted succulent

A round jute basket tray can be a versatile and aesthetically pleasing addition. Fill it with seashells, starfish, or other beach-inspired items to complete your coastal coffee table decor.

By incorporating these effortless coastal coffee table decor ideas, your coffee table will become a focal point of relaxation and seaside charm. Whether you’re looking to refresh your beach house or simply bring a touch of the coast to your home, these tips will help you create the perfect coastal retreat.

10 Effortless Coastal Coffee Table Decor Ideas

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